About ItFit

Fitness Trainer Virginia Beach

IT Fit was born from a passion to help others discover what it took me so long to discover, how to get fit.

I became a trainer through a different path than most.  I was not involved in sports and I’m certainly not athletic, nor did I have any type of fitness routine. After years in a high stress, sedentary job with long hours, my body physically couldn’t take it anymore.  I probably should have been hospitalized for exhaustion and adrenal fatigue.  Rather than go the medical route, I got a personal trainer.

That decision changed my life!

I learned that exercise is so much more than being a “gym rat.”  The benefits are widespread – more energy, better mood, serious stress relief,  weight loss, body composition changes, increased strength, stability and flexibility, along with potential reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin resistance, just to name a few. Combine this with healthy eating habits (not diets) and you have a combination that cannot be beat. 

My desire is to “train others to train themselves.”  Sessions are fun, full of variety, encouraging, challenging, effective and intentional.  Don’t know where to begin? Need a scheduled appointment so that other things don’t take over?  Need encouragement to press forward? I understand.  I’ve been there.  Let me help you transform your life.